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Former Executives Admit to Defrauding Employer of $1 Million Through Fraudulent Expense Claims

Used Forged Receipts and Invoices in Seven-Year Scheme to Claim Reimbursements for Mislabeled Personal Expenses and Obtain Duplicate Reimbursements GREENBELT, MD—Paul Dunham, age 59, and his wife, Sandra Dunham, age 58, of Northampton, England, formerly of Montgomery Count …


Black characters put parents off books, new Children's Laureate says | UK News

The 51-year-old author of the Noughts & Crosses teenage book series vowed to use her two-year tenure to “bang the drum” for diversity, saying it was vital for young people to learn about different cultures. "Children will go


BBC News - Rihanna donates $1.75m to hospital

Pop star Rihanna has donated $1.75m (£1.08m) to a hospital in Barbados in memory of her grandmother. The 24-year-old said the gift, which will pay for three pieces of medical equipment, was her way "giving back to Barbados". "I believe that


Rihanna donates $1.75 million to Barbados hospital

Pop star Rihanna has given $1.75 million to a hospital in her Caribbean homeland of Barbados in memory of her late grandmother.


Barbados to grant oil exploration licenses

The leader of Barbados says his administration expects to soon award exploration licenses for two offshore blocks that he hopes may eventually provide a petroleum windfall.


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